Regarding Tebow

Tim Tebow strikes me as classy, upstanding, hardworking young man.  I like him. I also like when people, in this case, Broncos coach John Fox, are willing to go all in with what they have.  No, Tebow is not a traditional NFL quarterback, nor is he able, at least at this point, to play in a traditional NFL offense.

So what?  There was a time when the whole concept of specialized closers in baseball was unthinkable.  I’d love to see more ingenuity on the coaching side of  sports and less sanctimonious, sacrosanct garbage.  We’d all do well with less culty fandoms.

Enjoy this post from Yahoo!Sports’ MJD about Fox’s willingness to throw out “that other crap” (that is, the passing game) so that Tebow and the Broncos might have a chance to succeed.