Love, Again, Is a Mixtape

At the end of the last decade (this post is from 2010), we were curating so much loss.  Mostly of physical artifact.  I can’t find the quote below, but if memory serves, it was from a page at ThinkGeek selling USB drives. 

“Mixtapes are a lost art in a dead medium.

The Mixtape is a fine art that is threatened by the loss of the medium. Two channel analog magnetic tape is disappearing in favor of MP3 files. A mixtape is a snapshot of your musical and social tastes during the brief period in which you created it. That summer in 1992, maybe your mixtape was full of Stone Temple Pilots, Morrissey, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Cure, and audio-clips from Blade Runner. You gave that tape to your girlfriend. She dumped you, but not because of that mixtape. That was awesome!

Check. this. out.

I’m glad I’m old enough to have done this on real magnetic tape once upon a time.  Remember taping things from the radio?  The best.   A few months ago I found a tape I made of a local radio station circa 1994.  Almost too beautiful to handle.