The Most Followed NBA Teams on Twitter by County and More: An Interactive Map I’m in Danger of Spending Days On

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I don’t follow the NBA as closely as some, but I’m always interested in the narratives surrounding parity, the lottery system, the differences between large and small markets, and so on. I’m a basketball fan, but not an obsessive one.

With that said, I could spend a very long time on the tool Twitter has created below. There’s a lot of information here, but I thought I’d just share this:

The Lakers have over 4 million Twitter followers. The Bucks have under 300,000. Obviously, lots of people follow more than one team, and so this isn’t as scientific as, say, a Facebook metric. But still.

Every team has outposts of support, and I like to speculate about what makes one county in Nebraska more likely to follow the Sixers than the county next to it.

You can get detailed information on every team, and you can compare any two teams.  That’s helpful if you’re interested in social media as an indication of parity or if you want to keep tabs on how well rival teams on doing with social in general.  If these numbers are any indication, major-market teams have an advantage (we already knew that), but the bulk of their follows come from outside their immediate metropolitan areas.  The later is also true for small-market teams.  If the ring were the thing, the Celtics really should have more followers than the Heat, but they have a million less.  I’m guessing Heat fans skew younger and are more savvy with social.  Boston should be treading the same threshold as the Lakers, but they’re not. Again, age and buzz are at work.

It’s time for Peyton Manning to retire

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Is it? I don’t know. I said after last year’s Super Bowl that Manning’s legacy was bigger than post-season wins. We found out today that he’s been playing hurt for weeks.

For The Win

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Let’s get two things straight before we set foot into why Sunday night should be Peyton Manning’s last game in the National Football League.

First, Manning didn’t choke last night.

Second, he is one of the best quarterbacks we will ever see play, and he should retire when he is good and ready.

Nerves didn’t get the better of Manning during Denver’s 24-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. It was the ninth time Manning has lost his first playoff game but not for a second did it look like the moment consumed him.

No, it appeared that he was overcome by the one thing he couldn’t audible out of. Age.

It’s possible that Manning was injured. Over the past six weeks his red zone production has plummeted, and the most prevalent culprit was deemed to be an injured Julius Thomas. It wasn’t Thomas. It was 18…

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Bill Russell On Michael Jordan (and Cartesian Circles)

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I get a few queries for this topic every day, but I’ve never actually posted about it.  I’ve talked about Kareem on Russell and Jordan and about what Jordan says about Russell (as little as possible), but given all the recent talk about who should be on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore and Will Kobe and/or LeBron Ever Get There, I thought I should see what I could do.

In so doing, I found a still-extant Tripod (yes) website explaining why Russell is the greatest ever, and you need to see it.   There’s also a detailed Straussian discussion about how Russell’s claim that Jordan was the greatest is purposefully meaningless.  I sort of said the same thing about Kareem.  And there’s also this picture of Wlit Chamberlain wearing a fanny pack that says Wilt.

When Do Pitchers and Catchers Report?


Well here’s a handy little list!

I’ve done a few “in honor of pitchers and catchers reporting posts” over the past few years.  In true baseball fashion, I’ll do an omnibus post tonight or tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy the newly added “sports” tab above.  Or search this site for things like “The Appeal to Charm” (a statement against interleague play via Mike Schmidt) or “A Paean to the 14th of February.”