Even Now, My Dad is Cooler

I said the other day that our family was not one to spend serious money on shoes.

I forgot the one exception.

In 1991, my dad was in his late 30s. He was very active in our regional men’s fast-pitch league (I have nothing but derisive things to say about so-called ‘slo-pitch’) and played a lot of racquetball and handball. He was good at all of them.

Somehow, he ended up with a pair of Rebook Pumps that Christmas. I think my Grammy bought them. All I remember is double-checking that the tag was not, in fact, made out to me.

I never got the Agassis, but Dad did give me the sweet-ass box those ATXes came in. I used it to store my NES games, and even that far removed from the actual shoe, I still felt cool as hell.

Top of My Christmas List, 1990.

My parents didn’t budge. My family and expensive sneakers have never been on what you might call speaking terms. Plus, I’ll just outgrow them.

I don’t use words like exquisite very often, but these were like Zoey Deschanel in Elf. Miraculous.