St. David’s Day Redux and Casimir Pulaski

Yesterday, I wished you all a Happy St. David’s Day. For more context, check out my St. David’s Day greeting from last year, here.

Oh, and also: Free Wales!

On Monday, we’ll observe Casimir Pulaski day with a short piece I read at an International Arts Movement event last year, an original photo of a Moravian grave here in the Lehigh Valley, and music by Sufjan Stevens.

Happy Saint David’s Day! (and Other Welsh Things You Should Know)

Stained glass window in Jesus College Chapel, ...
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Happy Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant to you, Cymru.  That is to say, Happy St. David’s Day, Wales.  Happy St. David’s Day to all with some Welsh heritage, to anyone living in Pennsylvania, to anyone ever having been kept warm by coal, to anyone who’s ever found strength in refusing to go softly into any dark night. To anyone who likes the Kinks.   To the Stereophonics, John Cale, and Spencer Davis.  To John Ford, Maureen O’Hara, and Roddy McDowall for making this.  To anyone who’s ever enjoyed these things.