Corbett Throws Rendell Under Rendell’s Own Bus, Bus Breaks, Corbett Sells It

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell at the Broad ...
I'm always shovel-ready.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett seems to have it wrong re: former Gov. Ed Rendell’s use of federal funding.  Line of the article: “I don’t see how education is shovel-ready.”  Yeah, a shovel is exactly what we need. I’m on record as not being the biggest fan of Fast Eddie (that is to say, I make fun of him on this blog every now and then), but Corbett is way off here.  Never mind the fact that funding transportation over education seems like a good idea to precisely no one besides Corbett: Eddie says he spent the money the way he was supposed to.  Rendell,  always too enthusiastically himself to rise to national office, appears nuanced and genteel this context.  It’s a day early for that, so I’m thoroughly confused.

In case you’re wondering, yes, Corbett really is selling Rendell’s bus, Commonwealth One (which doesn’t even run), as is.  Awesome.  Hey Tom, let’s not convince some energy company to trick it out with hybrid technology for free as a way of promoting Pennsylvania as a green-teach state committed to reducing emissions.  Let’s not do that.

Happy Saint David’s Day! (and Other Welsh Things You Should Know)

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Happy Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant to you, Cymru.  That is to say, Happy St. David’s Day, Wales.  Happy St. David’s Day to all with some Welsh heritage, to anyone living in Pennsylvania, to anyone ever having been kept warm by coal, to anyone who’s ever found strength in refusing to go softly into any dark night. To anyone who likes the Kinks.   To the Stereophonics, John Cale, and Spencer Davis.  To John Ford, Maureen O’Hara, and Roddy McDowall for making this.  To anyone who’s ever enjoyed these things.

You’ll Find the Best of Everything at Hess’s, Allentown, PA

Insert a Boss lyric here.

My wife and I were watching the Hess’s documentary on PBS 39 last night.  Even though I wasn’t alive for Hess’s (and Allentown’s) mid-century glory, I visited the original store on 9th and Hamilton quite a few times in my youth (the 80s and early 90s).  My memories of Hess’s aren’t as robust as my parents’:  I never saw Pip’s show in the window, the Flower Show, or Adam West and Burt Ward.  I do remember 1984 Olympic apparel and following the Swatch counter workers around the store because my cousins and I were convinced they had top-secret new designs on their persons (I remember them in white lab coats. please tell me this is not confabulation).  I remember standing in line for a seat at the Patio (a formerly world-famous restaurant on the basement level for you out-of-towners) not very infrequently, and having my meal (usually chicken croquets) brought in a miniature oven and desserts (chocolate mousse) in tiny freezers.  I remember the models, the French room, the spiraling drive of the parking deck.  Other memories are more spotty.  At some point, a store is a store is a store to a kid.

What do you remember?