Ward Sutton and the Village Voice Illustrate The Daily Cocca? (I Did See Michael Musto on a Bike in Chelsea Once)

Do Ward Sutton and folks at the Village Voice read The Daily Cocca?  You know I like to think so.

Finally, there’s proof. Via Graphic Policy:

See 7 more designs at “Washington DC Reboot” via the Village Voice.   We anticipated as much here on November 1.

In related news, NPR basically endorsed Newt Gingrich yesterday, perhaps not realizing what they were really saying by saying a Newt presidency would bring back the 90’s.  More to come on that later.

“Project: Rooftop” Is, Perhaps, the Greatest Website of All Time (See Also: “Hipster, Aquaman as a”)

From June 4, 2011.  I don’t think Project: Rooftop updates very often, but with the Aquaman movie coming out soon, this post is picking up some steam.

I recently concluded my MFA studies at The New School.  Apart from doing a creative thesis, I had one personal goal during my time at TNS, and that was to meet Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum.  I’m sorry to say that I failed in that endeavor.  I’m even sorrier to say I didn’t really try.  But I did see Chris March and Michael Musto on my first day in the City.  March walked past me in Chelsea, and Musto was riding a bike in Midtown.  Some of my friends from the program have Michael Khors stories from the nights I didn’t go to Cafe Loupe. Alas.

Yes, I watch Project Runway with my wife, and yes, I’m an even bigger fan of On The Road With Austin and Santino than she is. You also know that I’m a comic book nerd and a nut for sports uniform minutiae.  Put all of these things together to understand my love of Project: Rooftop.  Warning: If you’re like me (that is, if you’re even still reading this post) you could easily sink a few hours into this site.  The premise is sublime:  brilliant artists enter contests to redesign famous characters, and we all get to see the fruits of their labors and hope someone in editorial at Marvel or DC draft some of these folks for some serious work.

I said yesterday that the animated Batman: The Brave and The Bold version of Aquaman is my favorite incarnation of the character.  No doubt.  Second place is the nineties version.  But check out this redesign by Otoniel Oliveira:

Nevermind that this is exactly what I expect to look like when all the ice caps melt, this is just a pretty awesome-looking dude.  Aquaman can be cool.  Fine, fine, it’s mostly the hair and beard I’m digging.  You get the point.

I also wanted to share this next picture of Aquaman as a hipster by Yasmin Liang:

That is one impressive stache.