Tired (via Cropping Reality): Jogging My Poetic Memory

Love this picture from Cropping Reality. It was taken in Dublin, and it reminded me right away of a poem I wrote while sitting in the ruins of Christ Church years ago. Part of the poem mentions horses just like this clodding past the ruins. Cutting Reality, thanks for bringing back the memory. Now I have to find the poem and some Dublin pictures to pair it with here on TDC.

Tired Working horses in front of the St. Stephen’s Green park entrance. I left the wide angle   lens distortion on purpose. … Read More

via Cropping Reality

Lots of other great pictures on Cropping Realty.  Do check them out.

St. Patrick’s Day

I just got back from spending some time with good friends in St. Patrick’s honor.  Here’s a picture from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin that I took when my wife and I visited Ireland.  On a wall outside there are memorials to many of Ireland’s famous writers including Jonathan Swift and Samuel Beckett.  Oscar Wilde’s boyhood home isn’t far away and there is, of course, the omnipresence of Joyce and Yeats everywhere in the city. The Book of Kells is another amazing piece of Ireland’s literary (and spiritual) legacy.  Reading the prologue of John’s gospel in something that beautiful and old, well, that’s an experience.