Infographic: Blockbuster For Sale, How Netflix is Like NATO

Blockbuster went up for sale today.  For a while now, I’ve been seeing some funny hacked-by-bankruptcy Blockbuster signs as embattled locations have had neither reason nor resource to change old lights or fix broken letters.

My favorite of these is one that simply says BLOC.  It’s not that the rest of the letters are burned out. It’s just that there are no other letter letters left on that half of the storefront.  I’ve been making the joke for a while that this must make Netflix like NATO.

Because I have other things to do, and because it was a lot of fun, I decided to sum up this thesis in a nifty infographic.  This is my first attempt at an infographic, and I only used public domain/fair use images and iWeb. It’s sort of a hack all the way around.  I put it together earlier today before I knew Blockbuster was officially for sale, so the timing seems right to share.  And please, share and share alike if you dig it.