Hipster Jesus and the Clone Army of Zach Galifianakis

Remember when I posted that picture of Zach Galifianakis shaving his head that I thought looked a lot like me?  Since then, I’ve been accosted at weddings, baseball games, Time Square, and, yes, even Rita’s Water Ice about the resemblance.  Mostly it’s the beard, but there are also those fine, chiseled Mediterranean features to consider…if I do say so myself, Zach and I have the eyes and noses of  those old Greek and Roman statues (customs didn’t catch us).   Once you get below the beard, our physiques diverge a bit from those vaulted forms of classical antiquity. But I digress.

One of the funniest lines from the original Hangover was the sublime, “Come over here handsome.  Not you, Fat Jesus!”  I haven’t been called Fat Jesus yet, but I have been positively identified in this drawing:

That’s Fat Jesus: 0.  Easter Jesus: 1

With my work in sustainability, my MFA, my interest in cycling and my high hopes for downtown Allentown (not to mention my beard), I know I run the Hipster Jesus risk at pretty high levels.  I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m probably due.  If and when you’re inclined to think of your Daily Cocca as the Hipster Jesus, remember this, friends:

It’s true. You’re cool because he first was cool. I’m pretty sure that’s in one of the Pauline epistles.  Found this great image via Chad Crawford. Speaking of Christians, hipsters, and Zach Galifianakia on Twitter, I just saw this from @missional:



Hey, Eric Sylvester:  It looks like The Daily Cocca has a new favorite hockey team. Sorry, The Daily Cocca’s wife: it’s still not the Rangers.

Conan O’Brien and The First (Finally!) Post-Ironic Hipster

Tattoo on Mike's left shoulder. And he seemed sincere about it. Ironic hipsters are a drag. Post-ironic hipsters, it turns out, are really, really funny.

Douglas Alden Warshaw on some of the things we’ve been talking about here: Generation X, Generation Y, curation, Twitter, how people in their mid-30s and younger engage online et cetera, all through the lens of Conan O’Brien’s comeback.  I can’t tell if this is on the CNN, Fortune, or Tech blog, but whatevs.

Here’s a little ditty I did on Huffington last April about Conan O’Brien and “the new sincerity,” specifically, Conan’s pleas against cynicism during his ouster and his continuing faith in a sort of golden rule.

I know I’m a little late on this, but the Conan segment from Monday with the fan correspondent known to the internet only as Mustache Mike (Mike/Michael Sag?) was, perhaps, the funniest 15 minutes of late night television I’ve seen in a long time.  Think a 2011 Manny The Hippie with natural presence, constant Superman stance, and a really funny sense of humor in all the places Manny kept his pot.  Line of the night: “He’s a knight. He deserves our respect.”

Conan O’Brien and The Post-Ironic Hipsters is totally going to be the name of the alt.country band I form with Conan once I meet him.