Reading, Michael Landon, Warren Buffet (Random Morning Observations).

  • I have been doing some very good reading lately. Many things contribute to good writing, but the most important is good reading.
  • In the books, Pa Ingells has a beard. When you’re producing television, you don’t cover half of Michael Landon’s face for the sake of accuracy.

Will Our Priorities Change?

A few years ago, the idea of Universal Basic Income was a complete nonstarter. Medicare For All seemed almost as unlikely. Since the last presidential election (even before the coronavirus began to lay bare the gross inequalities of so many of our systems), UBI and M4A had gained serious traction, with support for the latter becoming mainstream.

Now, of course, the world economy is on the brink of complete disaster. The idea of healthcare as a commodity instead of a right seems not just cruel but also patently absurd.

What would something like M4A mean for you in your current circumstance? What kind of world might we build when this pandemic is over? How can we be sure we’re ready for the next one?

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay engaged.

Get some rest.