Google’s New Design: White and Black and Red All Over

When I was looking for our friend Chad Hogg’s Lehigh University profile, I discovered that in addition to the fancy schmancy black Google bar, the search pages now have a red text motif and look streamlined. They even have new icons. Observe:

I’ve decided to call this Google Wolfpac. Yes, Mom, I’m 31 years old and reasonably well-educated, but this is where my mind goes:

Someone hit the Big Kev theme.

Mystery Google Yourself

MysteryGoogle brings up search results for the whatever the user before you queried. When I MysteryGoogled Christopher Cocca, I got results for the query Richard Avedon. Try hitting “I’m feeling lucky” (without entering a search term) and then doing the opposite of what you’re prompted to do. AldenWicker found that little gem.