DC Reboot: Batman #1, Nightwing #1. What, All of the Sudden We’re Not Wearing Tights Anymore?

This is from BleedingCool.  It’s the cover to the rebooted Batman #1.

I see Two-Face, Croc, Scarecrow, and the Riddler.  Not sure who the guy getting punched is.  The Riddler has a green question mark shaved into his head. Two-Face looks like a teenager.  Consider yourself retconned.

I do wonder if DC will keep a line of some of their iconic heroes in the old continuity even while relaunching them.  Can Batman #1 be the reboot with some other book carrying on the current stories?  All the other current Batman books are getting rebooted.  Also, Nightwing is going to wear the Robin costume from the movies, minus the cape, and with red lenses.