This Website Maps Your Literary Tastes and Tendencies

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Literature Map says:

What else do readers of [any other famous author] read? The closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them. Click on any name to travel along.

Did it map you right?  Tell us in the comments.

Mitt Romney, Cultural Economist And/Or Weberian-Calvinist Chauvinist

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Governor Romney, I’m trying to come up with a context in which these comments you’re making about culture as the driver of economic prosperity aren’t racist.

But I’m having trouble.  Maybe you’re thinking of Max Weber’s look at the role of Calvinism in creating what’s been called the Protestant work ethic.  But that’s pretty case-specific and related to the pioneer existentials of colonial America. Even if you’ve spelled all of this out in meticulous detail and nuance in your book, you’re running for President.  You have to know how this stuff (USA hardworking! Mexico lazy! Israel hardworking! Palestinians lazy!) sounds. Especially when you say it on the world stage.

The thing is, I don’t think you know or can even imagine how these things sound.  I don’t think you have the social or political instincts.  But since I haven’t read your book I can’t come out and say your take on global cultures is racist, simplistic, and representative of your general out-of-touchness, can I?


Wait, What?: Racist Comics Edition (There’s No Way Aquaman Is More Popular than John Stewart)

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John Stewart should be the JLA’s Green Lantern and the iconic alpha Lantern of the DCU.  Put Hal back in the Corps and promote John back to the place of leadership and mainstream iconography he earned in the animated Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series.  In those vehicles, DC built a perfect platform for enfranchising the character with the kind of exposure the New 52 would have brought him .

The overwhelming whiteness of the image above, taken from the new DC home page, is staggering.   And is the Mentalist Aquaman really one of the most popular heroes in the the new 52?  Vic Stone (Cyborg), the lone African-American on the League, isn’t even pictured here.  Vic’s still paying grown-up dues as a recent grad of the Titans, and that’s fine.  But Stewart has immediate traction with readers and across popular media.  He’d be a great mentor to Cyborg, and he could bring gravity and leadership to the rest of the team.

Static Shock just got cancelled.  A Static/Stewart book would be great.  Even better would be a League with Cyborg, Static, and Stewart.

In 2012, can a group with one black character really be called the  Justice League? Please.  Oh, by the way:  in current continuity, John Stewart isn’t only off the League, he’s also on trial for murder.

High School Senior Peyton Manning Had the same Haircut as the Current Peyton Manning. High School Senior Cliff Lee Had the Same Haircut as Me.


This image is via Yahoo!Sports. Peyton Manning, you look exactly the same. Cliff Lee, how is it possible that you were a teenager at precisely the same time I was? It’s not that you look old now…it’s just that you’re so talented, I assume you’ve been pitching since the dead-ball era.

Me in 1998.