Some Open Letters Answered

A follow-up from a few days later in 2010.

Looks like my “Open Letters to the Radio” were read by some people.  Now that Civil Twilight is following me on Twitter, I feel like I should expand on my comment from last week.  I was mostly making a joke about those vampire books and movies.  I actually didn’t know civil twilight was meteorological (?) term, and I’m assuming there’s an intended double-meaning about the piss-poor state of civilization.  It’s a cool concept.  Just not a great name.  Thanks for the follow!

Other letters answered this week: a couple rejections from non-paying fiction venues for some experimental things.  I have a good feeling about some other pieces currently making their way out there in the world.

Open Letters to the Radio

Dear Civil Twilight,

It’s a shame about your name.

Dear David Byrne,

You really, really do sound like Robin Williams.  That’s not a critique.  Just an observation.  Sort of like how somewhere in my mind, Tom Hanks and Billy Joel are the same person.  I don’t think that’s just because of “My Life”s role as “theme from Bosom Buddies.”  You never did any work for Mork & Mindy, did you?

Isn’t it strange that Mork & Mindy was a spinoff of Happy Days?  Did you know that the guy who wrote the “Happy Days” theme song (not “Rock Around The Clock”) also wrote “Killing Me Softly” and that he wrote it about Don McLean?  Sort of brings everything into focus.

Dear Gorgeous Sixties Love Song,

You know who you are.  Please stop.

Dear Freebird,

I want to apologize for getting out of the car before you were done this morning.  I was in a hurry and wasn’t thinking.  You deserve better.  I can be better.