Mission: Impossible Burger

A lifelong carnivore, I have, in recent years, moved to a more plant-based diet (chicken is a plant, right?) I’ve even flirted with vegetarianism and veganism to see, in part, how those approaches impacted my personal health. I’ve found what I think works best for my body and metabolism, but I’m always interested in increasing my plant-based protein intake, and I’m fascinated by the efforts some companies are making to produce plant-based meat that’s indistinguishable from the real thing. And, as someone in the food industry, I think this area of the sector is on to something big.

With the recent news that Impossible patties will soon be available at Burger King, I decided to review their current plant-based offering. You can watch that here:

I also found out that White Castle already has Impossible Sliders. Check that out here:

I had my first fast casual Impossible Burger a few days after hitting White Castle. It was absolutely the best of the bunch, though I haven’t reviewed it yet. I went back recently for another, and the establishment was sold out. Even with an up-charge, they’re in high demand.

Wawa or Sheetz? (A Pennsylvania Thing)

If you watch The Goldbergs, you know about Wawa. It’s that place of wonders where the JTP gathers to ponder life’s biggest question. It’s also one of the greatest dining-gasoline establishments in the fairest Commonwealth in these fruited plains.

But Wawa is not without its rivals and detractors. In the short video below, I explain the drama, extoll the virtues of Wawa and its chief rival, and do a little folk etymology/amateur bird-calling. It all makes sense in context.

Then, in the comments, I get trolled by my Mom…a very un-Goldbergs move, might I add. That leads to a second video, linked in the comments, about Joe Biden hating young people. He’s from Scranton, so it all connects.

Enjoy! (Like I even have to worry).