Cornelia, Mulatto Slave

It's mostly an Illinois thing, but there's also an important Lehigh Valley connection.  I wrote about this a few years ago, but because I love Sufjan Stevens and hate injustice, I'll tell you about it again: Pulaski was a Polish noble and general who helped the American colonies win their independence from Great Britain by … Continue reading Cornelia, Mulatto Slave

Solidarity, Serendipity, Grace: a brief story from my morning

This is probably from 2013: Yesterday I reposted a three-year old piece about Hess's, the famed and sorely missed downtown commercial icon that owned the 20th century not just in Allentown but really across this part of Pennsylvania. As you know if you live here, Allentown is undergoing half-a-billion dollars in new capital investment. This … Continue reading Solidarity, Serendipity, Grace: a brief story from my morning

Doubt, Depression, Dread-Mornings of the Soul

From 2014: I'm trying to write a new post about depression and doubt. One does not do this without referencing Leonard Cohen and Ernest Hemingway. I looked up some old posts for reference, only to find that I'd written this almost a year ago to the day: I can't say that my medical situation … Continue reading Doubt, Depression, Dread-Mornings of the Soul

Jesus, Toure, Theology, etc.

I can't speak to the meat of this piece, and the piece it opposes, as it relates to post-blackness. On the other hand, ethnographically, I do know something about the immigrant experiences of my own kin, and people like them, in the history of 20th century Americanization.  Clearly, I cannot (and have no reason to … Continue reading Jesus, Toure, Theology, etc.