Bill Gorton on Being Daunted: A Twitter Bio for the Lost Generation

 I’m rereading Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises for the first time in many, many years.  There are problems with it.  The brief observation below about one of Bill Gorton’s better lines is in no way meant to mitigate other issues with the text. 

“Ought not to daunt you.  Never be daunted. Secret of my success.  Never been daunted.  Never been daunted in public.”

If that’s not a twitter bio for the Lost Generation, I don’t know what is.

My Dog Can Read (Stanley Fish and Leo Strauss)

I’ve been writing and workshopping a story about a group of people living on a block of rowhomes and the glimpses they get of each other in passing. To the right you’ll find an excerpt.  Who wouldn’t want a dog like this?

Earlier this morning, I came home from a jaunt outside to find my own dog clearly wanting a walk.  It’s icy and raining here.  My coat and shoes were off.  Then I took a look at what he’d brought me immediately after sensing this thing might not go his way.  It was a typed of piece paper.  The final line of the page?

My dog is smarter than your dog.

I haven’t worked on that story in a while.  I couldn’t even tell you where the manuscript was if I needed to. I’ not saying (I’m just saying.)  He got the walk, of course.  He earned it.

Another of his literary adventures, here.



(Update: The excerpted piece is collected in What Other People Heard When I Taught Myself to Speak.)