Jimmy Wales and the Power of the Personal Appeal

Yesterday, I finished drafting a personal appeal to community leaders here in the Lehigh Valley in the support of the Air Quality Partnership of Lehigh Valley – Berks and the new Share The Ride Challenge. If you’re a leader in the region, expect one soon.

Today, I came across this infographic at Information is Beautiful showing the astounding success Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales had with his own personal appeal:

Think I should put my classy mug on the Air Quality Appeal before it goes out?  Maybe one showing me about to pass out on an Ozone Action Day?

The important thing about my appeal is that I’m making it very clear that Air Quality Partnership is not asking for money.  We’re asking for social capital across interactive networking platforms and in real life.  You’d think a like on Facebook is easier to give than money, but there’s a lot more to it than that.