Wawa or Sheetz? (A Pennsylvania Thing)

If you watch The Goldbergs, you know about Wawa. It’s that place of wonders where the JTP gathers to ponder life’s biggest question. It’s also one of the greatest dining-gasoline establishments in the fairest Commonwealth in these fruited plains.

But Wawa is not without its rivals and detractors. In the short video below, I explain the drama, extoll the virtues of Wawa and its chief rival, and do a little folk etymology/amateur bird-calling. It all makes sense in context.

Then, in the comments, I get trolled by my Mom…a very un-Goldbergs move, might I add. That leads to a second video, linked in the comments, about Joe Biden hating young people. He’s from Scranton, so it all connects.

Enjoy! (Like I even have to worry).

Eliana Dockterman and Katie Heaney Consider Privilege, Affection, and Elizabeth Holmes

Eliana Dockterman isn’t wrong about Elizabeth Holmes’ privilege. I haven’t seen Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary yet, so I don’t know if the thrust of Dockterman’s brief Time review (that Gibney fails to connect the privileged dots as part of his narrative) is accurate, but I do wonder why Dockterman doesn’t mention herself that Holmes’ dad is a former Enron executive.

Dockterman’s breakdown of the Holmes-as-siren trope is probably right on: “Though the documentary suggests that Holmes essentially seduced her famous male board members, who included Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, that seems suspect: any woman will identify Holmes as a CEO desperate for the Valley to forget her gender. (She wore black turtlenecks, lowered her voice several octaves and publicly declared she did not date…”

A few days ago, Katie Heaney asked, regarding Holmes’ now well-known vocal affection, What Kind of Person Fakes Their Voice? I’m not a woman, but I just assumed it had to do with heading off gender bias. Dockterman’s points about Holmes wanting “the Valley to forget her gender” make all kinds of sense to me.

Solid Take: ‘Captain Marvel’ Features The Most Important Action Sequence In MCU History

I agree with almost all of this by Jason Tabrys. And as a student of the Jesus tradition, the coming into power resonates on an allegorical level. That said, I don’t think Marvel will let Carol be the full answer to Thanos. The remaining Avengers are going to……spoilers ahead…….

….they are going to…..

Time travel. They are going to time travel. That is happening. Somehow, people like Black Widow and Hawkeye are going to do as much as Thor and Captain Marvel…which is kind of ridiculous. Last time I checked, Clint wasn’t Batman.

Educational Inequality is Everywhere You Look

I’ve had crush on Aunt Becky for like 30 years. All the jokes about waiting for her forever aside, the college admissions scandal sheds light on all manner of inequality.

Just one example: This Mom Went to Prison for Enrolling her Son in a School Outside Her District

Brothers and sisters, we need to move beyond a zip-code or a township/city/borough/county line determining who has access to quality education. Schools with million-dollar tech labs a few miles from schools that can’t afford books. There’s nothing moral or American about that kind of abject inequality. Don’t at me with bootstrap stories. We’re talking about kids who haven’t been able to make any choices, and about the cycles of poverty or privilege they find themselves in.