Find Your Somate, Homer

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Because of changes to the way Google encrypts search terms, blog-tenders like me see fewer and fewer of the actual phrases bringing readers to us in our analytics.  Sometimes, though, the curtain gets pulled back, and great search terms come through.  Today, I was treated to this:

Find your somate, Homer.

This was either a typo (“find your soulmate, Homer” are the immortal words of Johnny Cash, in his guise as Space Coyote, to Homer Simpson) or an earnest call for Homer Simpson to manifest in the physical world.

4 thoughts on “Find Your Somate, Homer

  1. Or perhaps the referral was to SOMAte as in, go to sleep, you (You’re a sleepyhead, Homer).

    A YouTube entry: (I’m waiting for my so mate – not sure what the written language is but it think that it is Thai) town in Baja: Somate last name: Somate etc.etc.etc., as said by the fictional King of Siam a.k.a. Yul Brynner

    Thanks, BTW, for the great aqua-essenced references in your Jan. 11 sermon. Imagine what Google et all could do with that word…

    Jane Ellen Knotek

    Director of Music Ministry Zion Reformed U.C.C. Church “The Liberty Bell Church” 620 W. Hamilton St. Allentown Pa 18101 610-435-2412 ext. 13 610-390-2345 (Cell) or


  2. It’s weird how weird search terms sometimes get – and weirder still how they find things. The latter, at least, is explicable in terms of the algorithms. I’ve posted on my own blog more than once about search strangeness.

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