Ken Cuccinelli: Stop The Widespread Collection Of Americans Metadata

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So is THIS the angle with which Republicans will gain some traction? Crudely, progressives fear the tyranny of business more than the tyranny of government; conservatives the inverse. Is it possible to fear both (as we all should) AND legislate with both fears in mind? I think so. Neither major party has been great at that. Too often, once-progressives settle into “liberal” middle-age (think Ed Rendell) and the fear of corporate tyranny goes out the window as the campaign cash comes rolling in. Too often, their conservative counterparts place unbridled faith in the market and its rigged system (often as the campaign cash comes rolling in). And so, let the fight over metadata begin.

CBS Philly

By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ken Cuccinelli, a former candidate for Governor in Virginia, spoke with Dom Giordano today on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, about a lawsuit he filed with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky against the National Security Agency.

“The NSA sweeping up all of our telephone metadata, the phone numbers we’re calling, who we’re getting calls from, how long those calls are, and all sorts of other things, Americans generally expect that information to be private,” Cuccinelli said laying out his case for protecting what can and cannot be collected by the federal government.

“That expectation of privacy under the 4th Amendment is critical to determining whether the NSA is actually violating the Constitution which we have asserted in this lawsuit we filed,” he said explaining his argument that current levels of data collection have crossed the line into illegality.

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2 thoughts on “Ken Cuccinelli: Stop The Widespread Collection Of Americans Metadata

  1. I’m not sure the lede is all that accurate. Progressives fear actual government tyranny (military and police actions) at least as much as conservatives do; we just don’t fear fake government tyranny (being taxed so that poor people can have healthcare). But both (at least in the governing and punditry class) are slow to criticize anything associated with their fellow partisans and quick to do so when the other party is in charge. That’s far more of a problem than the left having a blind faith in government to act honorably.

    Maybe Cuccinelli can do some good here. But if he actually has more fear of government tyranny than I do, perhaps he could show it by not abusing his former (government) office to harass scientists he disagrees with, stripping students of their right to privacy, or attempting to criminalize what consenting adults do in their bedrooms.


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