A Note to Readers Outside these United States: Super Bowl and Sundries


First, thank you for reading.  Do comment sometime?

I’ve been to some of your fair shores.  In order, Canada (I didn’t forget you, Canada), Mexico, UK, Germany, Ireland.  I hope to visit more.

My name is pronounced like the first word in Coca-Cola.  Perhaps one does not get more American than that.  Cocca itself is Italian, and refers to the notch where an arrow is strung.  Other parts of me include Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, French, German (and Pennsylvania German, which mostly we call Pennsylvania Dutch when talking to each other), Swiss (which eventually became German) and others, which eventually became American in the process of becoming me.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?  I’m not sure what to make of it.  This week in American sports media, the only thing most people will be talking about is where the current quarterback of the Denver Broncos ranks on the list of all-time greats.  How do you make such determinations in your most popular sports?  (Is the answer always Pelé?)

How about that Bruno Mars?  As if we didn’t already miss James Brown enough.  Bruno Mars was excellent.  Is he called Bruno Aries in Greece?

Good night, dear readers, or good morning.  Or good midday.  Do drop a line.

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