People Love Baseball Branding and History

culture, sports, writing

spokane_indiansThis post from a while ago,”All MLB Cap Logos Since 1950 in One Fantastic Graphic” has been getting a lot of traffic recently.

The graphic itself, originally posted by a photobucket user,  is perfect.  It combines the best of great sites like Brand New and Uni-Watch, two staples of my weekly webbing, and the yeoman’s work Chris Creamer has done on the granddaddy of them all,

The spike in traffic may have to do with our inching ever closer to spring, and, in recent days, the news that the Cleveland Indians are dropping Chief Wahoo from even more of their branding this year.  Good for them.  It’s about time.  Next, they need to take a cue from the Spokane Indians, because they just did something awesome.

What a refreshing contrast Spoaquin makes against other pro sports brands, most notably the football team in Washington, DC.  Dan Snyder, wise up already.

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