Mary Mikhael Asks That We Give Syrians “a Chance to Live”

peacemaking, politics
photo by Mikael M Johansson.

photo by Mikael M Johansson for Sandaren.

On Sunday night, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Mary Mikhael, former president of the Near East School of Theology, speak from first-hand experience about the war in Syria.

I’m more convinced than ever that American military strikes should be out of the question.

There seems to be no clear-cut proof that the chemical attacks were perpetrated by Assad’s regime.  Certainly, the Obama Administration hasn’t presented that proof.   It’s common sense, they say.   It, you know, like totally passes the smell test.  According to Dr. Mikhael, some factions of the  insurgency are known to be in possession of chemical weapons and have been captured on video trying to prepare them.  According to her, most people in Syria believe Assad was not behind the chemical attacks.  That doesn’t mean Assad is a good person, or even that he’s not a murderous tyrant.  But if the red line for Obama is chemical weapons, that red line has to point undeniably to Assad, and right now, it doesn’t.

Mercenaries and others from 83 separate countries are on the ground in Syria.

The “resistance” is no monolith.  The reform body politic is metastasized by radical jihadists.

There are no easy answers.  Let Syria become party to the chemical weapons ban and hand their WMD over to the United Nations as the Assad regime is now promising to do.   Keep watching.  Stop killing.

Hear Mary’s remarks here. Note that the first few minutes of the presentation suffer from poor audio, which then resolves.  So, skip ahead to avoid the first few minutes.

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