GENERATE Magazine Welcomes New Managing Editor (And It’s Me!)

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For Immediate Release
June 19, 2013


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — As GENERATE Magazine prepares its re-launch after a year long sabbatical it welcomes Chris Cocca as managing editor. A past contributor to the magazine, Chris will bring a new level of energy to the team as he manages the editorial process.

Chris is an urban minister at First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, Pennsylvania. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from The New School and a Master of Divinity  from Yale Divinity School. His writing has appeared in Brevity, Geez Magazine and The Huffington Post. He is also co-curator of  broken liturgy, a contemplative hour of immersive song, word, touch, and movement.

Tim Snyder, executive editor, commenting on the appointment said, “Chris has already breathed new life into our efforts to re-launch the magazine. This appointment is the first of several which will increase the quality and profile of our editorial team. The new GENERATE will be a workshop for creative work inspired by creative expressions of Christianity. Chris has the
unique background in both craft and community that will set the tone for what is to come.”

Paul Soupiset, co-founder and art director, said, “We’re excited by Chris’ leadership at GENERATE. It’s heartening to bring in a really talented individual that not only shares the GENERNATE mission, vision, and ethos from the onset, but also brings a fresh perspective to the leadership. This is going to translate into a better magazine experience for our readers.” Soupiset said that the next issue of GENERATE is in the works. Snyder and Cocca are expected to make a more detailed announcement about the re-launch schedule later this summer.

Founded in 2009, GENERATE Magazine is a grassroots, independent publication that tells the grassroots stories of Kingdom hope through narratives, works of visual art, documented performances, fiction, non-fiction, essays and interviews.

Contact: Tim Snyder, Executive Editor |

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