The Best Hymn You’ll Hear Today

music, spirituality, writing


I know I shouldn’t say this because I’m part of the project and all, but what John Hardt put together on the songs from a broken liturgy album is really, really good.

Listen to “All Creatures” and tell me I’m wrong.

I don’t mean to be provocative.  I’m just really proud of what John and the rest of the team did on this track and on this EP.  The weakest thing on the album is probably my spoken-word track (I don’t think I like the way my voice sounds), but you should buy songs 2 – 6, or the whole thing for a dollar more.  It will support working musicians like John and help him to do more of this kind of thing.  He’s also in the process of cutting a new John Hardt solo EP with backup from a wrecking crew with stupid good chops.  I’ve heard the songs live and they’re beautiful.


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