Stark Trek Into Darkness (with spoilers)

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Amy Davidson of The New Yorker wants to know if we think it’s about drones.

Yes. Yes, of course it’s about drones, and war, and war and war and war.  It’s about Bush and Iraq and 9/11 and Obama and Afghanistan and Neocons and the liberals who have become Neocons since 2008.

The drone war being executed by the current Administration is morally repugnant.  That Spock, dear, sweet, logical Spock — who saw his homeworld blown to hell — points this out to Kirk, is important.  That Scotty, emotional and quintessentially human, refuses to go along with the mission on his own grounds, and actually quits his comission over it,  is the writers trying to tell us that these are no small stakes, that reservations against the ways we are conducting ourselves on the global stage are varied and valid.  He says of the new miracle torpedos:  “I don’t know what’s in them, so I’m not signing for them.”  Think about how that squares against our current corporate culture. What’s really in our water?  What’s really in our air?  What’s really in our food?

What’s really in us?

Davidson says the only real message we leave Into Darkness with is that Kirk being Kirk just works for Kirk, but no so much for Obama.  I left thinking the message was pretty clear, especially given the on-screen dedication before the final credits.  Abrams, Lindelof, Orici, et al are pretty clear.  I’d imagine Rodenberry being so as well.

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