In Honor of Lydia Davis Winning the Man Booker Prize, Buy My Chapbook


Lydia Davis is concise.  I don’t always like her work, but I often do.  More than that, though, I respect her work, and with her winning this year’s Man Booker prize, short short fiction (or flash fiction, if you like) is getting some good heat.

With that said, I offer you a chance to celebrate the triumph of the form.  Yep, that’s right.  You, too, can buy my flash fiction/poetry chapbook What Other People Heard When I Taught Myself To Speak, you know, totally in honor of Lydia Davis winning the Man Booker Prize.

Look, it’s not often that a writer like Davis is trending on twitter, right between Paris Hilton and various memes.  So, you know, the time is right.

The time is also right to announce a new project I started a few days ago for collecting old unpublished and new flash fiction.  With the Yahoo! acquisition, I was reminded that 1) I had a tumblr account and 2) I should probably start using it.  So I re-purposed it a few days ago as a venue for my shorter work.  Then Lydia Davis won the Man Booker prize.  It was meant to be.

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