To Tim Lambesis


Tim Lambesis.  I don’t know you and don’t know much about your music or your band.  I don’t know anything about your personal life apart from what’s come through the media and a post I read on your tumblr account.

I do know about something we have in common:  saying goodbye to traditions, rituals, even whole systems of belief that no longer seem tenable, let alone helpful or true in the ways we received them.

I know that rejecting the intellectual idolatry that passes for much of what people call “Christianity” is the first step toward finding oneself, finally, back in the grip of the Christ of grace.  I came through many versions and iterations of faith before this one, often spent and done.  You are not alone. 

I don’t claim a window into your spiritual life, but I offer this small one into mine.  Whatever else, my prayers are with you, your wife, and your children.   The abyss is not the end. 



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