Eyes and Ears on Allentown Water Deal

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When I was a kid, WWE (then WWF) had a slogan that would bumper their syndicated Saturday morning program: “World Wrestling Federation: What the World is Watching!”

Lately, it seems as though this tag might aptly apply to the goings-on of Allentown’s political establishment and the plan to lease the City’s water system out to the highest bidder.

Late last month, Wenonah Hauter published this piece opposing the plan on the international hyper-pages of the Huffington Post. Ms. Hauter is the Executive Director for Food and Water Watch, and in case you’re wondering, they’re still watching.

This week, enjoy Sam Berhnardt’s piece about last week’s insane City Council meeting here. (If that meeting were an episode of Friends, it would be called “The One Where the Local Business Owner Almost Gets Arrested for Making Sense.”)

WMFZ’s Randy Kraft has a fairly detailed recap of that meeting here, but ignore the part in the embedded video that says “a local businessman almost had to be removed” from Council Chambers. I was there, and nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe anchors should hit the beat once in a while?

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