Helping The Arena Help Allentown

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PPL Building in Allentown, Pennsylvania

PPL Building in Allentown, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Lehigh Valley, PA)

“Much of the discussion of how the arena and its accompanying development should help the distressed neighborhoods surrounding it has taken place behind the scenes among city officials, CACLV leadership and arena zone developers.”,0,3430794.story?page=1

See also Allentown Community Benefits Coalition:

“Our mission is to develop, enact, and oversee the successful application of legally mandated and binding community benefits in conjunction with the Neighborhood Improvement Zone development projects and future development in Allentown for the individuals, families, businesses, organizations and neighborhoods forming the communities within and around the development projects. Through the creation and application of a covenant which includes community benefits agreements, standards, and/or policies, the Allentown Community Benefits Coalition will work to ensure that in publicly subsidized development projects in Allentown the issues of racial and economic inequity, unemployment, homelessness and poverty will be addressed in meaningful and measurable ways, creating long-term systemic improvements that benefit Allentown and the Lehigh Valley region.”

UPDATE: Dec 21, 2012.

3 thoughts on “Helping The Arena Help Allentown

  1. One option that’s been underexplored by city politicians is clawing back the land value windfall to pay for services. There are two groups of beneficiaries in the NIZ – developers and landowners. Ed Pawlowski told me that when the NIZ passed, land values on downtown properties jumped between 15-20%. People who owned that land didn’t do anything to make their land worth 15-20% more overnight. That wealth was created by the state, and could be taken back by the state through land taxes to pay for useful public services.


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