iPad Minis Set to Flood the MFA Universe…

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“Wide rectangles are classier than narrow rectangles,” he wrote. “My conclusion: the iPad Mini will be for literary snobs, and the Kindle Fire will be for dumb-dumbs who read airport garbage books. Kindle Fire owners will read E.L. James, and iPad Mini owners will read E.L. Doctorow. You heard it here first.”


Tongue planted in cheek, yes.  But don’t forget, Mr. Nosowitz: You’re only a literary snob if you turn your nose up at popular fiction without trying to make something better.

If wide ties are now also classier than narrow ones, I’ve been out of art school too long.

2 thoughts on “iPad Minis Set to Flood the MFA Universe…

  1. In other news, the new iBooks author software should be used to create postmodern literature. Had Watchmen been released this year, an interactive ipad book would have been the way to deliver it.


  2. Yeah. And yet, there’s something so much more awesome about the fact that Watchmen was done the way it was, when it was. That’s one head-ful of meta to keep going at once from a planning and execution stage. From a craft perspective, inspiring.

    My friend Robert Antoni has a book coming out that, in e-versions, will link to movies he’s made as part of the story. Pretty cool.


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