Why You Should Vote Third Party

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“I just wish there were a viable third party”

“I just wish a vote for a third party wasn’t a wasted vote.”

“I just wish a vote for Gary Johnson wasn’t a vote for Barack Obama.”

“I just wish a vote for Jill Stein wasn’t a vote for Mitt Romney.”

Tonight, Larry King is moderating the “third party” debate in Chicago.   Watch it.  Read about it.  Engage it.  Then, two weeks from today, vote third party.  Not because your third party candidate will win the presidency, but because winning is a matter of scale.  Did you know that a 5% showing for a minor party in a federal election grants that party $20 million in federal election funds for the next cycle?

That’s huge.

Frankly, it’s scandalous and patently criminal that anyone on the ballot in as many states as these candidates are aren’t permitted to debate Romney and Obama.  If ever Jill Stein were right about anything, it’s that America’s two major parties are both wholly corporate and morally bankrupt in the national setting.

Now stop complaining and go vote for someone who doesn’t think drones are a great idea.

9 thoughts on “Why You Should Vote Third Party

  1. Dear Christopher Cocca, I just want to say three things. 1) You are making a brilliant point in your article. 2) Thank you for referring to my article on the Debunked Democracy and for reading nsnbc. 3) I wish you, your compatriots, and sadly I have to say – the rest of the world – good luck with your choice between cholera and the plague.
    Warmest regards.
    Christof Lehmann


  2. Thank you for writing this. I’m really trying to stay positive with this election but it’s getting harder and harder. I fear for our country if it continues down the 2 party path. One of the 3rd party candidates has my vote…just not sure who yet.


  3. You linked to the wrong Gary Johnson! ;) Otherwise, this short post is great and thought provoking and convincing.


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