Out of Context Reasons to Love Russell Brand are Still Reasons to Love Russell Brand

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I was at that point infatuated with fame, thought that it would solve all my inner problems. Now having been famous for a while, I recognize there are benefits to it, but there are detrimental aspects to it as well. I don’t think — I think that celebrity and fame and glamour, they’re literally about artifice. They’re literally pointless. There’s no value to them.

I mean, when you think sort of like the first people that that term, famous, would have been applied to, it would have been — in a relatively modern sense, great figures like Lord Byron or Oscar Wilde and, going back a bit, Christ or Krishna, figures of notoriety and greatness. Now I heard a great analysis. But once our heroes were Gods, the Gods of Greek tragedy.

Then they were the kings of Shakespearean writing. And now we write just about anybody, just ordinary people that have nothing to ply. I don’t want to condemn them, because aristocracy is just the celebration of people because of where they’re born and hereditary wealth is just, you know, sort of greatness bestowed upon people for no bloody reason.

But, one — but celebrity is, in and of itself, pretty bloody pointless. MORGAN: Anybody can be famous for doing almost anything. Is there a way to close this down? Is there something society should do to try and put a lid on this before we all go completely mad?

BRAND: Yes. We should focus on spiritual principles and focus on what’s real. I think what we have to do is sort of say, well, there’s going to be all this reality TV. There’s going to be E! TV, Kardashian, MTV. It seems to exist. But underneath it all, we recognize it isn’t working. It’s not working for me as a participant. It’s not working for the people that receive it. It’s not working for the young people brought up on a diet of saccharin-covered pink glittering nonsense.

Because we know there’s somewhere within us we’re entitled to truth and reality. We don’t have the religious language anymore. We don’t — we have no relationship with mysticism. We have no narrative to relate us to the planet we live on. So now we think this planet just exists to serve us. We’re infatuated with our own individualism and our own entitlement. We’ve forgotten that were part of a much greater thing, that we’re just very, very simple life forms living on a planet as its temporary custodians.

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