One thought on “Bill White Calls it Like He Sees It (Arena and EIT Edition)

  1. I think Bill is right. The goofy way the legislation was designed and introduced have caused the bulk of the problems. Folks were in far too much of a hurry.

    But he misses the broader point. Rebuilding downtown is a policy question, and good policy takes into account costs and benefits, historical experience, and desired endstates. Everyone assumes that an arena will be “good” for Allentown, but in fact historical experience suggests that arenas do little for small and medium sized cities. What makes Allentown’s case worse is that 1) the project takes away city revenue for one small project and 2) they are building an arena that is twice as expensive as similar projects elsewhere. This means that anything other than immediate and dramatic success could completely destroy Allentown’s finances.

    There is absolutely nothing empirical about this project, which I think should concern us all.


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