Barack Obama, Profiler


image via Charles Fred on flickr.

Not like Ric Flair.

Like cops or would-be vigilantes who profile black kids in the street.

As the always-thoughtful Chad Hogg points out, regarding the vomit we’re forced to swallow every time we think about the Obama Administration’s chicken-hawk calculus for acceptable civilian executions:

“Any adult male who is in the presence of suspected militants when a drone strike occurs is considered to be a militant themselves, even if there had been no prior evidence to that effect. Under this accounting system, the death of an adult male can only be counted as a civilian casualty if specific exculpatory evidence is found after the execution. And I’m sure someone works very hard to find that…”

Do words mean a fucking thing to anyone currently running for President?

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama, Profiler

  1. I don’t think that’s exactly the right conclusion to draw from it. They are probably using profiling (focusing their investigations on people with certain characteristics that turn up more often among militants than the general population), but that’s not this. This is just callous disregard for human life and Minitrue-like creation of an acceptable narrative.


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