Andrew Sullivan is Worth More Kardashians than the Dictator the UN Just Tapped to Be a “Global Leader for Tourism.”

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Has the United Nations has just named Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe as a “global leader for tourism”?

Canadian and UK outlets lead the early reportage on this  development as does one American journalist named Stephen Colbert. MSNBC also reported the story yesterday.

It’s not on the front pages of CNN, Huffington, or Drudge. It’s not even on the CNN archive:


But all of this makes sense, since, according to a new notability metric called the Kardashian, Mugabe doesn’t even exist.

Is the Mugabe/UN story even true?

From the UK’s The Week:

The problem with the outraged headlines is that the United Nations has not appointed Robert Mugabe as their tourism ambassador. Or envoy. Or, indeed, anything at all. Mugabe, along with Zambian President Michael Sata, had been to Victoria Falls to sign an agreement with the UN World Tourism Organisation that will see the two countries co-host the UNWTO general assembly in August next year.
The UN says it is simply trying to encourage the poorer African nations to promote tourism as a valuable source of revenue. The United Nations is very clear, however, that it has not appointed Mugabe to any formal position at all.

Whatever.  His regime is co-hosting the UN’s nifty global tourism event.  That alone is ridiculous.  The UN wants to promote travel to a nation led by a man who is not even allowed to travel to or within the European Union because of how he treats people within the nation through which he will be hosting the UN’s nifty global terrorism event.
I literally heard the sound of Mario dieing while reading that paragraph back in my head.
Now that we have bona-fide postmodern basketball stars, I can’t wait to start electing postmodern leaders who’ll call horseshit like our postmodern journalists on Comedy Central.
Good night, and good luck.

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