Did Mark Budman lnvent Smell-o-vision?


I just submitted two short pieces to Vestal Review and have been reading up on VR‘s editor and founder, flash fiction writer (and former IBM engineer) Mark Budman.  Check out his patent for aroma sensory stimulation in multimedia.

You other Pushcart nominees are starting to look like slackers.

I wonder if there’s a connection between Budman’s scientific and literary pursuits, and if that connection is, as I suspect, about the visceral, emotive triggers of sense and memory.  Smell evokes, and so does flash fiction.  It’s a brain and gut thing.  

And is it just me, or is the official website of the US Patent Office just a little sketchy?  Better than Warren Buffet’s?  I dread the day some BH successor decides it’s time for a proper site.  My favorite part is the text that says “Official Home Page” as in, “no, really, we’re not kidding.  Warren’s really, really cheap.”

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