Mitt Says Poor Mothers Must Work Outside the Home for Sense of “Dignity”

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Oooopsy daisies, Mitt Romney.  Poor women who stay at home to raise kids don’t have the dignity of work enjoyed by rich mothers who do the same (and don’t have to worry about things like where their next meal is coming from).

Mitt, this is why you’re the worst. You flat out said there’s no dignity of work in home-making or child-raising.  Until Hilary Rosen went off on your wife.

I still agree with Anne Romney: raising kids is work, and it’s hard.  Is it easier with the kinds of means the Romney family had at their disposal?  Of course!  But it still isn’t easy.

Now, if a “Romney boys secretly raised entirely by Nanny,” tell-all comes to light, then that’s another story.  But I’ll bet that nanny head health care.

4 thoughts on “Mitt Says Poor Mothers Must Work Outside the Home for Sense of “Dignity”

  1. Ann Romney may be a GREAT mom. However, has she ever not had the money to buy clothes for her family? Has she ever missed work because there was no one else to take the kids to a doctors appt? Has she ever missed PTA meetings because she didn’t have the money for gas? Has she ever had to choose which food to buy because there wasn’t enough money for all the items? Does it discredit her has a mom if the answers to these questions are no- Of course not, but for the rest of us it makes us irritated that we as working moms in and outside of the house NEVER get this much discussion about what our days are like even still in 2012. GET REAL- Give me a break! less


  2. Mitt Romney is awful. I have yet to hear him say anything with any substance. I’m not an Obama fan, but at least when he speaks you feel like you’ve actually heard something. Even if it’s something that fills me with rage. Nothing Mitt Romney ever says elicits any response in me, ever. I am starting to suspect he may be some sort of advanced cyborg.


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