Millennium Falcon, (My) Alma Mater


You may have already seen the story about the Pennsylvania high school that looks almost exactly like the Millennium Falcon from the air:

The Soup has more here.

Parkland High School, alma mater.

I graduated the year before this building opened, but as President of the Class of 1998, I got to be part of the groundbreaking ceremony in the fall of 1997.   What that means is this:  hanging in the foyer for all  to see is a picture of me, aged 17, in a smart khaki pants/blue blazer combo, holding a shiny ceremonial shovel, unable to pull the ceremonial hard hat over my Dawson’s Creek-era hair.   In fairness to my hair, my massive head is the real problem.  In Little League,  I had to use the batting helmets that, thanks to the hungry mice at the South Parkland Youth Association warehouse, lost their padding sometime in the 70s.

I’ve just been given credit for the design on twitter, so I’ll take it.  You should also know that I lobbied hard that we change the school’s mascot to Jedi, but I had to settle for renaming the track the Kessel Run.  Compromise, you know.

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