A Note on Simultaneous Submissions

In theory, neither The Seneca Review nor The Georgia Review consider simultaneous submissions.  But I’m sure they receive them.

The no simultaneous submissions rule is a rare bird these days, so much so that I’m genuinely surprised when I still see it.   Since most writers have to submit the same pieces to perhaps dozens of journals, I assume TSR and TGR have better response times than other markets. Unless, you know, people do it anyway.  Which, of course, they do.

I wonder what happens when they accept work that’s been sim subbed on the sly?   Probably nothing.  But if you sim sub to books like these and then get a sim subbed piece accepted elsewhere first, then you have to tell TSR and TGR and all the other “no sim subs” mags that they can’t look at your work anymore.  And then they see what you did there and then they probably bar you from future consideration.

Which is why I don’t submit to journals with this rule.  And also because it annoys me.  True story.

2 thoughts on “A Note on Simultaneous Submissions

  1. Unless, of course, they kept that rule because other journals or magazines had a faster reply time, and thus a lot of the material submitted to them, that they may have just picked up and decided to publish, was also regarded with a reply that said piece had already been accepted elsewhere. I’m sure they suffered a lot of frustration in the mix and just gave up on the sim sub. Or, maybe, they are just stubborn sadists and like to think that you’ll only submit to them in hopes that they will publish your piece. Then, when they don’t, they might feel pride in crushing some of your hopes and dreams.

    But that’s a tad extreme. :)

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