Everyone In the Government Works For or Has Worked For Monsanto

Yes, yes.  That sounds alarmist.  But given that we’ve been talking about the food supply today, and about the paper thin difference between a war between regime change in Iraq and regime change in Iran, I thought I should share this startling graphic.  If it’s true, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter who you vote for.  #buyorganic

Behold, the Venn diagram that explains these interlocking directorates.  Click to embiggen.


My Twitter Screed on War With Iran

Read from the bottom up.

Am I totally off?  I am blind to the new reality that says in the absence of sane regimes, pre-emptive wars are okay?  And if I’m wrong about that, then everyone who was or now is against the Iraq war was/is wrong about that.

Let’s not forget that with the Iraq war, there’s some legal cover.  After all, that regime was in open violation of the terms of the Gulf War cease fire. I’m not saying that makes it right, but it might make it legal.  What similar precedent do with have with Iran?

You want to change the regime in Tehran?  So do I.  Is this how we’ll do it?  Good God, what have we learned?


Muhlenberg is one of America’s Hottest Colleges

As an Ursinus alum, I’m bummed my alma mater didn’t make this list.  But Muhlenberg College ranks right up there with Boston College, Boston University, NYU, USC, Georgetown, Yale and other marquee-brand schools on a new list of America’s hottest colleges.  That’s hottest as in “the place to be.”

I’ve been saying for years that Allentown is “the place to be,” and it’s precisely that now more than ever.

(BTW, as a Yale alum, take that, Harvard.)

I grew up reading comics in the 90s, but I tended to not be a huge fan of “huge guns and ammo packs” books. That’s nothing personal against Rob Liefeld, but Graphic Policy makes a really good point here.

Graphic Policy

Rob Liefeld went to Twitter to speak out about the recent school shooting.  I guess we can ignore the drawing of Deadpool in the background shooting Skrulls and also Cable never shot a child, he just trained them to be soldiers.

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The Second Coming of Jeff Mangum

NPR has a pretty cool piece up about Neutral Milk Hotel genius Jeff Mangum.  He’s playing at Coachella this year along with acts like James, Mazzy Star, and Noel Gallagher (and little indie bands like Radiohead and some hip-hop up-and-comers called Dre and Snoop).

I am, however, going to a Beach Boys 50th Reunion Tour show in May and am beyond stoked.  Brian Wilson will be there.  That’s all that matters.