A Venn Diagram For The New Revolution

With thanks to Ryan Stout for sharing on Facebook:


It’s like someone drew a picture of this post.

4 thoughts on “A Venn Diagram For The New Revolution

  1. Venn diagrams are downright sexy. Drawing one about my future is what convinced me to leave my finance job and write full time. I kept it at my desk until my last day at work. True story :) And yes, it is a visual rendering of your post.

  2. except the statement in the middle neither says that the government has too much power nor is part of the tea party opinion pool

    conclusion: the author neither understands venn diagrams nor political opinions

    1. The daily talking points from the Libertarian Party, which I understand is NOT the Tea Party as such, but draws form the same well, tows this line: “corporations have too much power because the government has too much power.” Even though strong elements in the Tea Party believe that limited government inevitably means more real power for corporations (and crazily, they’re okay with that), I do believe that there’s an equally sizable pool that agrees with corresponding parts of OWS on the idea that both corporations and the government have too much power, and that the problem is self-sustaining. Yes, a simple diagram doesn’t get at these nuances. But it’s helpful for people who believe as do I and many readers that powerful constituencies in OWS and the TP could collaborate in meaningful ways.

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