My MFA and the Awesome that was Yuri Gagarin

Gemini 4 Astronauts Meet Yuri Gagarin
The Beatles meet Elvis. Or the Gemini Astronauts rock it out with Yuri.

I am in full throttle let’s-finish-these-MFA-theses-and-figure-out-life mode.  Apologies for my lack of blogginess this past week.  In all likelihood, new posts will be less than daily for another 10 days.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get your daily dose of The Daily Cocca.  There are plenty of old posts in the archives, friends, so have at that back story and comment on things I haven’t thought about since 2008.  I think that could be fun, don’t you?

My MFA theses are due on May 9.  I will return to daily nonsense after that, including some long-over due video blogs.

Before I go, I wanted to answer a recent search-term query about Yuri Gagarin:

“why didn’t Americans like Yuri Gagarin?”

To the extent that Americans didn’t like the first man in space, Americans didn’t like him because he was the first man in space and he wasn’t American.  Not only that, but he was Soviet.  Not only that, but he was reported to have said “I don’t see any God up here” when he broke velocity.

That quote might have been made up by the propaganda machine, but to this day, some people use it as a punk rock Che kind of discussion-ending bit about the futility of theism.  Which is totally hilarious.  If ever even uttered, it has to be one of most meaningless famous quotes of the 20th century.  So God doesn’t orbit the Earth? Guess we better pack it in, Every Other Theist.

I don’t think YG ever really said it.   Either way, he was a brilliant, fearless dude who died tragically after safely completing what had to have been, up until that time, the scariest thing any human being had ever tried to do ever.  E-ver.  Sure, sure, Columbus wasn’t really sure his fleet wasn’t going to fall off the edge of the earth to basically the same effect, but YG strapped himself to a rocket and said “Space Ho!” on purpose. Yikesies.  That took some gigantic whatever the Russian word for stones is.

Till next time, friends.  Much love.

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