Political Bumper Stickers of the Ironic Fringe

culture, politics

A few days ago I saw this bumper sticker:

Turns out that it’s made by LaRue Tactical, a weapon manufacturer I know absolutely nothing about.  Put that aside for a minute and consider how subversive and satirical this actually is.  Is it just me, or is the understatement pretty damn funny?  Extremely Rightwing is being expressed in completely underwhelming way, and that makes me chuckle to my postmodern little self.

So I made some of my own, which aren’t as funny.  And do note, when I say funny, it’s not that I’m laughing at people for being right wing or left wing or whatever.  It’s just that LaRue either nailed an ironically hilarious bit of self-assessment and preemptive satire (they’re satirizing the people who are afraid of their own personal visions of what it means to be “right wing”) or they just went for something really simple and I’m reading way too much into 18 letters.  Anyway:

7 thoughts on “Political Bumper Stickers of the Ironic Fringe

  1. Why do I find myself being impulsed by the hotwing bumper sticker? There has to be irony in it… or just a deep-seeded desire to feel fire in my mouth.


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