Search Query Answer Bag, Volume 3.

Cropped screenshot of James Dean in the traile...

In the 50’s, nothing said “bad boy” like a red jacket.

Hello, friends.  You might know that from time to time, I like to take a stab at directly answering some of the search queries that bring people here.  Today I have just one.

“Why does James Franco always squint?”

Actually, there are a few reasons.  First, I think his face just naturally does that.  Second, it’s totally hot and he knows it.  Remember Dylan McKay?  Franco is like a Dylan McKay who knows how to read.  Which brings me to my next answer: James Dean.  It’s also possible that he has very sensitive eyes, and every picture you ever see of him is, of course, proceeded by an intense flash of light.  Lastly, and most likely, are the near-constant intense flashes of light going on inside his magnificent brain.  He squints to protect you.

He squints to protect you.

3 thoughts on “Search Query Answer Bag, Volume 3.

  1. I’m not a James Franco fan (as we’ve already discussed my dislike for his constant squinting before) nor am I a Dylan McKay fan. However, I have come to respect the squinting, my friend.

    I now respect it.


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