New Facebook Profile + Default Photo Setting Choices + Ginger Ale = How I Got My Sister’s Fiance To Take Her Name

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Schweppes Cream Sodas


If you’ve read the recent post about suggested naming conventions for my future nieces and nephews, which doubles as an homage to the space race,  you may recall that I’m in something of a battle of wills with my FBIL.  This has been a  fairly one-sided affair, but not because I’m so persuasive. I just don’t think he actually cares.  He certainly hasn’t seen You, Me, & Dupree enough times to think my (not really kidding) demands that he change his last name following this summer’s nuptials are in earnest.  This is to his detriment.

For a few weeks now, Mashable has been sharing some very cool profile picture hacks enabled by the new Facebook layout.  Last week, Facebook announced that everyone was getting rolled over, 401K-style, into the new settings.  Schweppes recently created an app that does almost all of the photo-hack work for you:

  1. “like” Schweppes on Facebook
  2. upload a picture for your profile
  3. drag and resize it to achieve the desired effect
  4. tag yourself in the pictures it produces (it even creates its own album) in the appropriate order

It’s fast, free, and fun.  I used a picture of the Arizona desert I took with a friend back in June.

A few minutes after augmenting my profile thusly, I realized that, should I tag someone else, say, FBil, instead of myself in the Schweppes-edited photo album, my puzzle-piece picture would become the visual focal point of his Facebook profile.  Because there’s no way of stopping friends from tagging you in Facebook pictures, I think the only way of totally controlling those five images (they change whenever someone tags you) is to change your settings so that no one can see pictures of you tagged by friends until you approve them.  Which is a total drag.  So, of course, I did this:

Thomas Rockett Cocca, you're Facebook Official.

Then I spruced up my sister’s profile and made my Met-loving cousin a rather proud Phillies fan.  Thanks, Zuck!

9 thoughts on “New Facebook Profile + Default Photo Setting Choices + Ginger Ale = How I Got My Sister’s Fiance To Take Her Name

  1. Check out my fiance’s Facebook profile–he did the same thing to create his last name emblazoned across the top in photos. :) It’s pretty awesome! I might do the same with my last name on mine. Yay, five-letter last names!


  2. That is so much win it’s almost painful… No seriously, my right arm hurts a little. That is way awesome! Thanks for subscribing to my blog, and based on this post alone, I’ll be subscribing to yours! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch Jersey Shore to neutralize this win burn you gave me with some epic fail.


  3. I gotta say though, I’m a little bummed. I looked on Facebook and couldn’t find the app you were talking about. Is there a link you could comment or send?


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