The Weekend Comes, The Cycle Hums

I just had the best idea ever.

Happy. Days. Reunion.  Set in the early 90’s. (When else?)

My wife thinks that the Fonz would have died in a horrible motorcycle stunt long before “learning to wear sweaters”, but I think he went on to turn the Cunningham hardware business into a national chain.  Or became a teacher.

An Open Letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

I love you.  And I love the Beatles exactly as much as I’m supposed to (that is, you know, a lot).  Congratulations on settling your differences, but this is hardly “A day I’ll never forget.”  When you promise earth-shattering things, I’m expecting some new paradigm shifting device.  Or moon colonization.  Not Rubber Soul, great as it is.

–  Earth

Ah Jon Miller! Ah Humanity!

ESPN isn’t renewing the contracts of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. Jon Miller is the voice of baseball for crying out loud.  And I really don’t get all the Joe Morgan detractors out there.  This is my favorite broadcast team.  This decision effects Sunday Night Baseball, but the radio broadcast is in question.  What am I going to listen to now when I mute the TV during the playoffs?