Why I Love Baseball

“I have learned the value of investing time and emotion in things I cannot control, and of belonging to a community whose aspirations I share completely and uncritically.” – Nick Hornby, via Phillies Nation.

Let it be known that I’m not willing to invest time and emotion in all ridiculous systems, frameworks, and polities. But I am, gladly, a believer in baseball.

Go Phils.

I Love You, William Faulkner

“A snake crawled out from under the house. Jason said he wasn’t afraid of snakes and Caddy said he was but she wasn’t and Versh said they both were and Caddy said to be quiet, like Father said.” – The Sound and The Fury

Kumin, Plumly, Hirsch, Muldoon, Pinksy at The New School

Maxine Kumin, Stanley Plumly, Edward Hirsch, Paul Muldoon, and Robert Pinsky read together at The New School last night in celebration of long-time New School poetry teacher Pearl London. It was fantastic. These poets and many others appear in a new anthology, Poetry in Person: Twenty-five Years of Conversation with America’s Poets, which includes transcriptions of their visits to London’s legendary class. You should get it.